From August 2023 it should be ready. Our sports & events manager and football coach Ole Aldag would like to help at the grassroots level in the next few years and is introducing a top talent program. Young trainer Fat Gjikolli will be part of the party. Even before the bases & in addition to club training, the best regional talents are to be trained in the Sporthotel Dorum in the future. We will look at the players over a period of several months and then present our idea to the parents and children. No one is obliged to do so, everyone should be convinced.

We really want to specialize in the top talent and establish something special in the region. The talents are supported for a maximum of 2 years. We start one year with the 2014 vintage and the 2015 vintage will be accompanied for two years. Squad size is limited to a maximum of 15 players. A new vintage starts every year. The young talents receive additional training four times a month at the Sporthotel Dorum. Training is to take place every Monday in the large artificial turf hall.

We guarantee the best training conditions and want to cause a sensation with our selection of coasts in Germany. The training and mentoring of the top talents is subject to a fee.

The first top events have already been decided. Our U9 starts on November 19th, 2023 in the U9 (2015) Bundesliga performance comparison & the U10 (2014) on November 26th, 2023. Both comparisons take place directly in the Sporthotel.


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